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Stupid Insane Psychosis in a Pretend World...

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This e-zine as it states it should be called... is a collection of thoughts & pictures based on a crazed psychotic insanity that is man-made... I am sure lots of people go through similiar situations and truly believe they speak to the dead or somewhat undead... but I just like being alittle bit out of the circle... a little bit in left field. Just a tad insane in this world of uncertainty and despair.

So stay for awhile, and see how I think... then maybe decide you can help me this a better E-Zine - send me some of your work and if I like it... There You Will Be Co-Editor of a somewhat strangely obscene e-zine online.

When creating this ezine, my first thought was to find an unique name and place to put my work... then I searched the internet high and low to find websites of work I admired, and of sites that would allow me to use they're ideas as my own.

I hope to freak many people out, scare children, whittle at your brain, soak up some of your brain cells... all while having you laugh sarcastically, or cry for what is gone, and sometimes have you in awe of the fanatical behavior of someone so insane like myself.

Bookmark us, and come back often...

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